Former Gov of Zamfara state Abdulaziz Yari is now planning to abandone President Muhammadu Buhari for a fresh political party.

A reliable source confirmed to this news medium that the former chairman of the Nigeria Governors’ Forum had travelled to London to convince Bola Tinubu to join him in this latest attempt.

Yari who had to bribe Tunibu’s aides with $50,000 to allow him access to their Boss, told Bola Tinubu that Buhari has cheated them and it is time for them to revenge.

He said after year’s of struggle and efforts to help Buhari in winning elections, the President now disgraced and abandoned them, saying they should join hands to retaliate.

A closed erand boy to Yari, one Barau Mikailu told our source that Yari has said he would not take it lightly with the issue, as plotting to change from APC to another political party has reached advanced stage and no going back.

Barau said Yari and Dauda Lawal, an ex bank Executive said they are working tirelessly to defeat Buhari in the 2023 general elections.

Mikailu Baura also disclosed that after winning his case at the Supreme Court, Buhari refused releasing Dauda Lawal’s money.

However, Bola Ahmed Tunibu told Yari that Buhari did not betrayed him and would never betrayed the President in anyway.

Tinubu said he would ever remain committed and loyal to Buhari and northern Nigerian people whom he described as honest, reliable and trustworthy.

He said he would continue to be with Buhari and support him in whatever way possible and warned Yari not to embark on the mission of betraying Buhari.

It may be recalled that Yari also approached the Vice President Yemi Osinbajo to betray the President when the President was critically sick in London, but Prof Yemi Osinbajo refused to succumb to the Yari pressure

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