Matawalle Remains Only Northern Governor Who Prioritize 60% Youths Involvement In His Administration

-Governor Bello Muhammad Matawalle
Early last year, President Muhammadu Buhari has openly approved the bill submitted to him by the National Assembly of Not too young to rule. However, Mr President did not waste any further time for Approving the long awaited bill.

In the same development, because of the love and trust Zamfara State Governor Bello Muhammad Matawalle has for the Youths, who as well believed in the youths digital ideas and participation in governance injected 60% of youths with fresh blood in to his administration. That’s why today Many People some time called and addressed him as the Youths oriented Governor in not even in Zamfara but Nigeria at large.
Contrary to what is happening in the other states, where you see a political appointee with walking Stick, Speaking and skipping due to the Old age and drained brain.
Last two Month, Some group of youths paid a thank you visit to Governor Bello Muhammad Matawalle for involving them into the State decisions making. At the end of the interactions, Governor Matawalle in Smiling said, ” Some of you were selected to serve in my government because we are moulding you to become the leaders of tomorrow and I will continue to engage some of you in my subsequent appointments

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