Until 2018, when Senator Kabiru Marafa representing Zamfara Central at the senate began to openly criticize his Gov Abdulaziz Yari Abubakar at the floor of the Senate, the political dynasty remained one in Zamfara state with its founding father Senator Ahmed Sani Yariman Bakura as its leader and pilot. The dynasty which transformed from APP to ANPP and now APC, was a united family with total submission to its leadership, policies and decisions. The unity among the members and its major stakeholders was what gave Gov Yari the opportunity to rule Zamfara like his own private company, enjoying the state complete obedience and respect, to the extent that the opposition PDP was almost nonexistent.
Aggrieved by Senator Mafara’s behaviour and attitudes towards Gov Yari, the then Chairman of the Nigerian Governors’ Forum vowed not to allow Marafa another ticket to the next Senate, an intention which made Yari to be on top of the selection process for those wishing to contest for any position in the APC executives and the primary elections in the state. Provokes by Yari’s action and decision in this regard, Marafa decided to form his faction within the party for anti party activity during the 2019 election, an ambition Senator Kabiru Marafa realized.
The realization of the Marafa intentions and ambition to paralyze the APC in the state was successfully completed by the supreme court’s ruling that rendered the APC’s victory in the 2019 election by declaring the next political party with highest scores and the required votes spread as the winner of the 2019 election.
Since then, the party has been in disarray, Yari began serious war with Yarima, despite him being his political mentor and father who brought him into politics. This gave the opposition PDP that had never won any governorship elections in the state, began to push in taking over the political dynasty of Zamfara state.
However, going by the many challenges of insecurity amd abject poverty bedivelling the state with the political uprising and the blind opposition in the state, as well as Gov Matawalle’s urge for peace and stability, he was convinced by the National leadership of the APC to join the party to help unite the state for peace and tranquility to reign in Zamfara to bring forth, prosperity, unity, security and development of the state.
After joining the party, the Gov has now focused his efforts and attention towards bringing all the warring members and stakeholders together with their supporters as a family to help fight the common fronts, particularly in the fight against armed banditry and poverty facing the state, to an end.
Soon after the inauguration of the state APC Caretaker committee of Senator Hassan Mohammed Nasiha Gusau, the Gov has been in a wide range consultation with all the APC stakeholders in the state to reconcile their grievances to forgive one another to face the challenges facing the state, rather than politicking, while bandits are killing and kidnapping innocent citizens of the of the state by day.
As part of such efforts by the Gov, he visited today Thursday, July 202, President Muhammadu Buhari along with the state APC stakeholders to pay sallah homage and brief the President on the state of things in politics and security in Zamfara state.
The President expressed delight and happiness over the visit and appreciated the efforts of Gov Bello Matawalle in trying to bring the people of the state together for a common goal , saying the future of the country would be shaped by the diligence and honesty of those who document history and provide analysis of situations, knowing the value of what obtained in the past, and afterwards.
President Buhari said it would be unfortunate to mislead electorate with lies, and personal bias, reiterating the need to put the larger interest of the country beyond other colorations.
“For the time remaining, and for those who have one more term in office based on the provision of the constitution, the elections are important to the parties.”

The President advised the governor and the APC leaders in the state to remain steadfast on delivering their promises to the people.
“We have done our best and thank God for what we have been able to achieve with the  available resources, otherwise we would have been in trouble,’’ he added.
The President said the security situation had improved compared to the hitherto situation in Zamfara state.
“The subsequent development in the North West is the most amazing.
” If you look at the situation in relation to time and resources, you will find out what we have been able to achieve, is worthy of appreciation’’ the President noted. To buttress what the President has said, the Governor of Kebbi State and Chairman of Progressive Governors Forum, Atiku Abubakar Bagudu noted:
“I drove from Kebbi State to Daura, and stopped to pick the Governor of Zamfara State, Bello Matawalle, and realized that for the eight hours of coming here, we didn’t see more than 10km of land that was not cultivated.
“It goes to show that the efforts to improve security is paying off. Farmers are taking advantage and planting.
As a complete gentleman of the highest order and a dodged fighter to the core with Zamfara state behind his mind and government, Gov Bello Matawalle has vowed to ensure the unity of Zamfara people and safety of their lives and property within weeks, God willing.

Aminu Suleiman Gummi is a public commentator at no 10, Sabon Fegi Gusau, Zamfara state

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