Malicious Reports About Matawalle's Ramadan Gifts Will Only Make Zamfara People To Love Him More

It is really sad that some people will want to use religion to attain political gains of meeting the whims of those politicians they are working for to concoct lies and make failed efforts to embarrass others. 

According to Yusuf Idris Gusau, Director General, Media Public Enlightenment and Communications; A faceless Musa Suleiman who openly told the same lies that he fashionably and criminally tried to defend with an ostrich neck presented his pay masters as the generous ones when in actual sense investigations of other crimes are towing over their heads both within and outside the state. 

To start with, if the wounds have to be exposed, it is a known fact that the 150 trucks loads as claimed by Musa's pay masters were actually less than 20 and after the noise making on the day of the so-called flag off which ended up on political vendetta and expressions of the fears that His Excellency, the people's and the dynamic governor, Hon. Dr. Bello Mohammed Matawalle is likely joining the APC and therefore stripping Musa's god-fathers naked, the beneficiaries ended up with nothing but the directives that they should go to their polling booths where the items will be brought to them which turned out to be false. 

He used mathematical jargons and tried to find flaws that Matawalle has taken public funds for his personal use as his bosses did when in power but ended up making the governor a better person who used less than N3 billion to buy the Ramadan welfare package for the good people of Zamfara as against the usual inflated billions that Musa's bosses would have claimed. 

As an accountable and public spirited governor and unknown to the mischievous thoughts of the Musa, Matawalle who thinks far ahead had since purchased all those items knowing that there could be price rise during this period and has made enough savings to put into another developmental area for the good of the people. 

Accordingly, the breakdown for the sake of clarity is as follows: Rice N19,000 Per bag times 60,000 will give N1,140,000,000, Millet N14,500 per bag, times 50,000 equals to N725,000,000, Beans N20,000, per bag times  10,000, equals to N200,000,000, Suger    N15,500, times 30,000, equals to N465,000,000, Maize N13,000 times 30,000 equals to N390,000,000 and clothing materials 100 pieces per belt at N155,000 times 400 belts, equals to N62,000,000 giving a total of 2.982 billion Naira. 

I wish to emphasise that Musa has no religious nor family respect and responsibility which is why he makes such unguided utterances, but I also want to draw his attention to follow up on how the state government is making the distribution which is certainly reaching all the nooks and crannies of the State with people appreciating rather than the government making noise about it.

If his aim had not been to embarrass which he failed woefully, he would not have mischievously tried to calculate these things because he does not know about government's workings. 

Musa should also recall that in 2011, former governor Abdulaziz Yari claimed to have spent over N3 billion in the purchase of Ramadan welfare at that time rice sold at less than N3,500 per bag, he should hasten to come up with that calculation too and make it public if he is with sincerity and fear of Allah. 

Now let's go back to politics which is what Musa is trying to swim in its muddy waters so that we can open his eyes to the clean ways Matawalle is doing his things to the appreciation of the people of the state, the APC-led presidency and the APC National leadership under His Excellency, Governor Mai Mala Buni who have all consistently identified with Governor Matawalle's state development and political efforts in Zamfara against the arrogance of the immediate past. 

Similarly, Musa disrespectfully referred to Governor Matawalle as an "ordinary" member of the House of Representatives, perhaps that is how he sees his boss when he was a member of nation's law making body, but to us, Matawalle was not an ordinary member of the Honourable House of Representatives having chaired one of the most sensitive House Committees, House Committee on National Security and Intelligence, Chairman Ethics and Previleges as well as a Principal officer as Deputy Minority Whip all to the pride of Zamfara where he also served credibly well,  as Honourable Commissioner in five ministries with his positive marks still being felt as against someone who was only a boy to politicians who helped him rise to Executive office....... Musa should check these out and go back home to be trained as a good son not the prodigal that he is now .

It is therefore instructive that Matawalle cannot be pushed in Zamfara politics even as he did not steal public resources, he has always enjoyed his people's goodwill which by Allah's grace gave him the exalted position of governor of the state to the perplexed dismay of the Musa's who are cunningly trying to challenge  Allah's decision.

Of cause,the governor has the constitutional right and backing to move from one political party to the other, so, whether the state APC bigwigs want or not, if Allah again destines Matawalle to join the APC, nothing can stop him as they know, he will certainly be loved by both APC and PDP Supporters in the state. 

A word is enough for the wise hope the faceless Musa Suleiman would refund the money of his pay masters since he failed to execute the fabricated lies he was paid for before they told EFCC he is among the Zamfara embezzlers.

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