The announcement on Tuesday by Col. Yandoto rtd, that he defected from the All Progressives Congress APC to People Democratic Party PDP did not come to me and indeed all members of the defunct APC Social Media Forum, as a suprise but rather a vindication of our decision to leave the APC as a political party. 

When we, the members of the defunct APC Social Media Forum declared our unanimous decision to decamp from the APC to PDP,  we stated our reasons for doing so, among them is the clear indication that the party leaders were only using us for their selfish interests rather than the interests of the party members and the citizens of Zamfara State.

Yandoto has said it all, citing a classical example of the death of Late Jamilu Shinkafi and the attitude of the APC leaders, who instead of showing their sympathy and remorse for the sudden untimely death, rather engaged themselves in series of meetings on scheming how to take over power come 2023 general elections. 

The leaders who were highly  expected to attend the burial of the deceased, but to every body's greatest shock and surprise, decided otherwise and were  not at the scene of the burial of the late APC stalwart.  This alone clearly showed their utmost in humanity.

How can we continue to relegate ourselves to the background of supporting these people with these behaviour and attitudes.

People who have no their followers and supporters in their minds.

So, we say a big thank you to Col. Yandoto and wished him luck.

Comrade Aminu Mohammed Kaura Lecturer was the former Chairman of the defunct APC Social Media Forum.

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