There is a popular Hausa adage – “tabarmar kunya…da hauka aka nadeta,” which certainly fits the current disgruntlement of the APC in Zamfara especially the words coming from its former member of House of Representatives for Birnin-Magaji/Kaura-Namoda, Aminu Sani Jaji, a sinking man who is looking for notice as his party struggles unsuccessfully to regain the confidence of Zamfara people after eight years of misgovernance that turned the state into a hub of bandits attended by killings of innocent citizens in their hundreds in single attack with unquantifiable lost of animals, vehicles and other properties.

Yes, it’s undeniable that there are pockets of criminalities in very few parts of the state where a person or two get killed in a long time divide as compared to the hundreds of the APC days and this is the remaining inherited criminal acts being addressed by the Governor Bello Mohammed Matawallen Maradun’s government through dialogue which has been yielding fruitful results as kidnapped victims are being unconditionally released with arms and ammunition voluntarily surrendered by ever increasing number of repentant bandits to the envy and disappointment of the APC leaders in the state as this has inturn been making many good members of the APC and other parties to abandon their political parties for the ruling PDP in the state where they come in their thousands singing praises of Matawalle and his all encompassing style of leadership.

We agree that people have right to their opinions, but we remain appreciative to God and to the repentant bandits who share their confidence in the peace and dialogue intiative by surrendering and in order to clear the minds of the doubting thomases, the repentant bandits now take oath by swearing by the Holy Qur’an and also leaving the bushes to reside within responsible communities, yet the Jaji’s do not trust that.

This same peace and dialogue is what the APC realized as the right step to deal with difficult situations which they borrowed in order to settle their scuffles that have been decimating the party, even though it is too late.

Similarly, to say that the PDP government led by the Matawallen Maradun was brought in by the court is largely deficient in one’s holiness and belief in God and destiny. The court is only the tranlator of what God had destined in this regard and we are confident that the leadership is strongly being supported by God to have achieved what it has in less than two years that is causing ripples in the APC for failing to do same in eight years.

They should always be mindful of God’s wisdom, if APC can be formed and registered within a short period of time and yet win governorship, state and national assemblies and even the presidency, there is nothing God cannot do, so the challatants should review their fate in God and belief that He is the only Omnipower who gives and takes anything as He wishes, therefore, challenging the PDP in Zamfara as they are doing or saying it is the court only, is like doubting God, which is most unfortunate.

Since this is not a military rule where one takes power by force, we will be waiting for the APC in 2023 to see how they will not accept the power of the good people of Zamfara, they should not forget that the lesson was taught them late last year in the Bakura state House of Assembly by-election as God continues to show his wonders. After all, the political class in the state knows that APC has not been winning elections in the past, it had been nominations by one or two persons after which the nominee was imposed on the general. This has now been exposed and the party knows that even the merger and reconcilation, any attempt to maneuvre elections will be resisted begining right from the party itself.

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