Ex-Governor Yari Employs, Manipulates Religious Clerics, Vows To Form Another Government In Zamfara

Godfather of Zamfara politics Abdulaziz Yari, has vowed to form a government in 2023. The ex-Governor made this vow during an interview with BBC Hausa Service moments ago.

Yari, who has amassed enough wealth to control the fate of the party with religious clerics on his side also vowed that nobody can save the party from his deadly grip, since he knows that the only obstacle to the political emancipation of Zamfara people is religious manipulation. 

And because he treats the party as personal property and disdains internal democracy, his former ally, Kabiru Marafa, was so frustrated that he had to take his own party APC, to court. So also was Yari's deputy, Wakkala, who was  forced out of the party. 

Yari, a source said has arranged the party's ticket to be given to his own candidates and minions in his bid to enthrone a successor who can cover up his tracks. 

During the 2019 general elections, if Yari had succeeded in installing his own successor at the expense of more qualified party candidates, we couldn't have known about the N10 million he has been paying himself monthly as upkeep allowance after leaving office. 

The ex-Zamfara State Governor is currently involved in N300 billion scandal involving cash deposits in bank accounts that he can't account for. This scandal should set the agenda for APC leaders in Zamfara State and see it as high time the party detached from Yari's deadly grip. 

They should know that there are younger and better party members who can lead APC and also resolve that no single politician should be allowed to mould a political party in his own image. Nobody is indispensable. The notion of indispensability is a failure of democracy. 

Also, If indeed, the Islamic clerics are for good governance and want the progress of the State, they shouldn't have kept quiet over the N10 million upkeep allowance or multi billion corruption scandal involving Yari. Silence is  complicity. Enabling a man while he is harming the interest of the people is not consistent with the role of those who are supposed to be our moral compass.

It's unfortunate that we brazenly celebrate shamelessness in Nigeria. If not, why must the fate of a party remain in the hands of a man whose inordinate ambition to put Zamfara people in his pocket caused its 2019 electoral debacle? 

And now, he has involved the ckerics because he knows that the only obstacle to the political emancipation of Zamfara people is religious manipulation.

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