By Aminu lecturer Kaura
SSA to Governor Bello Muhammed Mutawallen Maradun of Zamfara state. 

We the members of the defunct APC Social Media Forum, who collectively and unanimously agreed to decamp to PDP and formed the new PDP Social Media Forum in honour of the wonderful achievements of the present administration of Gov Bello Muhammed Mutawallen Maradun, particularly in  tackling the security challenges bedivelling the state, have noticed with desmay, some fictitious reports being concocted and published on social media platforms by  an online medium, the Saharareporters against the Gov.

Let me  use this medium to expose the sinister arrangements between those sponsoring the online medium to publish such fictitious reports and the social media handles who are being used to first initiate and cooked such fictitious and fake news for the Saharareporters to publish, as well draw the attention of the general public,  particularly those who are unaware of this game. 

It is woth exposing here that, the paymasters who had been using social media handles to cook stories for such online media like Saharareporters to publish in order to cause mischiefs and mayhem for governments, had been using this crude method for a long time to perform such assignments. 

The recent fictitious report concocted and published by the foreign studge online medium, Saharareporters who were contracted to destabilise and disintegrate Nigeria, particularly  the north, was nothing but carrying out a paid job fir some people who bent on destabilising the successes recorded by the government of Hon Bello Mohammed Matawallen Maradun.

 I have been in the last administration of former Governor Abdulaziz  Yari foe eight  years and I  know how security was during  the period. 

Every honest and
responsible person knows that there has been remarkable progress and achievements in terms of peace and security in the state. 

The Saharareporters, after failing in its numerous attempts to destabilise Nigeria's democracy through all forms of subversive moves and reportage, the online  medium which is  implementing a foreign agenda, now resorted to 
alliance  with some people who are enemies  of Zamfara and unhappy with the Gov 's achievements in this regard, to cause mayhem and upheavals in the state.

The arm-chair journalism online media outfit is now making itself to these frustrated persons to unleash their frustrations and anger on Zamfara state government to serve  the paymasters by dissiminating false information about the state. 

Last week,  it published an unverified cooked story against the Gov of Zamfara state, Bello Matawalle who has been excellently doing well and is successful in the fight against armed banditry in the  state since the inception of his administration, that "the Gov purchased and distributed Hilux vehicles to bandits and dished  out large amounts of money to the bandits," an allegation that was reputed by the Nigerian Army itself, the repentant bandits themselves and other stakeholders in the fight against the rural banditry.

If not for the foolishness of the Saharareporters, how can a Gov who has been fighting the bandits to the knowledge of the world,  be purchasing and distributing Hilux vehicles to the bandits he is fighting. 

This is nonsense and an act of violence, terrorism and corruption of the highest order that calls for sanctioning. 

If the online medium is genuine, unbiased, objective, balanced and fair in its journalism practice and reportage, Saharareporters 
should have cross checked and verified that story before publishing it. 

However, being an online medium executing a contract for the implementation of its clients agenda, it  went ahead to publish the report which unfortunately turned against it, as the online medium is now facing legal challenges  in several courtsof law by security agencies and other stakeholders in the country. 

As if that is not enough,  the online medium this time around published yet another story against the Gov. 

In their latest episode, the online medium quoted a
final-year student of engineering in Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Kaduna State,  who said he had to defer an academic session because of Matawalle's failure to fund the scholarship board.

According to the Saharareporters, "The leadership of the National Union of Zamfara State Students, NUZAMSS, has criticised the state governor, Bello Matawalle, over his failure to provide scholarship funds for indigent students.

"Matawalle had during his campaign promised to give scholarships to students before his 100 days in office.

"But according to the students, he has broken the promise."

For  the avoidance of doubt, Gov Bello Muhammed Mutawallen Maradun has never made such pledge as claimed by the Saharareporters' fake news. 

To make it categorically clear to those who are unaware of the fact, in order not to be deceived and misled by the online medium

The students were not given their scholarships allowances since 6 years before the coming of Gov Matawalle's government about two years ago.

When the Gov assumed office exactly on May 29th 2019, about two years ago, he received complaints about the none payment of the scholarship allowances to the students.  

To demonstrate his government commitment and determination to develop the education sector in the state,  he ordered for an investigation into the reasons why the allowances were not paid to the students and ordered for a comprehensive verification of the affected students. 

Presently,  the Gov is studying the verified reports and assessments of the cost implications which is normal in governance, only for the Saharareporters to culled a false information from social media platforms without referring to the authorities concerned to verify and know the reality, before the  publication, which is a clear indication and testimony that the online medium has violated the codes and ethics of journalism practice both within and outside Nigeria and is clear indication that it is implementing someone's agenda.

Let me make it clear to Saharareporters that His Excellency Gov Bello Muhammed Mutawallen Maradun sponsored 200 Zamfara indigent students to study abroad and are currently studying various degree courses in various parts of the world under his government's special scholarship program.

A Gov who has done this excellent job can not deny the indigent students who are studying in institutions of high learning within Nigeria. 

Let the Saharareporters and its paymasters know that their agenda can not be implemented on  Gov Matawalle's government,  as the people of the state and indeed all peace loving and well meaning Nigerians are behind  the Gov in his efforts to restore peace and security in the state, with a view to developing the state. 

One doesn't need to be told that the terrible security situation and the mayhem the people of the state went through before his assumption in office as the Executive Governor of Zamfara state has greatly improved for the better. 

People are now going to their farms to produce food and cash crops. People are now going to various markets all  the parts of the state to buy and sell their goods.
 Cattle breeders are now moving with their cattle throughout the state.

 Visitors are now coming to Zamfara state, including foreign investors to do businesses andvisit their loved ones. 
The Gov is not claiming 100 percent success in the fight against the armed banditry in the state,  but at least normalcy been restored in the state, just within less than two years of his government. 

Shame on you, a Nigerian who is expected to be peace loving,  peace maker and patriotic citizen of his great nation,  the Saharareporters has turned himself to a studge, one who relegated himself to background, making himself so low, so cheap to be used against his country for money. 

 Is there any other form of corruption that surfaces this irresponsible behaviour and act of silliness?

Yet, you are seeking election into the office of the president of the country you are trying to disintegrate. 

Be careful,  as you will one day regret your acts of foolishness.

Aminu lecturer Kaura is a Senior Special Assistant to Governor Bello Muhammed Mutawallen Maradun of Zamfara state.

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