In July 2019,The Executive Governor of Zamfara state inaugurated a committee on Armed banditry and Kidnapping. Former Inspector General of Police was appointed as the chairman of the Committee. The Committee Submitted it Report on the 11th of October 2019. In the report of the recommended the removal of  5 Emirs and 33 district head. So also the committee recommended the dismissal of four police officers, promotion of seven police officers, court marshal of 10 military officers and promotion of one. Those recommended for sack were found to be accomplices to cattle rustlers and bandits. Some top civil servants in the state were recommended for sack also.

Why are they eager about the implementation of MD ABUBAKAR Report by his Excellency Governor Bello Matawalle? Most especially our state opposition whose the crime was committed during their regime.

The question remain subject of interpretations as at today. But who is there to answer the question? While looking at calibre of people that were given the responsibly in the committee really the have done a job well done. No one will argue on the issue of taking recommended action to those indicted by the Committee. 

Some part of the report are not directly concerned with the state government responsibility but Federal government or the military since some of the people found guilty by the committee ,are police and military personnel. Assuming if the state government decided to dethrone the traditional rulers involved in the allegations what of those found guilty in the Military are left unpunished,since the state government have no power over them. Then there must be a collective decision between the state government and the Federal government to make a uniform punishment to indicted people.

The present administration of Governor Bello Matawalle which initiated a peace dialogue have decided to forgive those who repented. On the other hand the committee was formed after the peace treaty was negotiated.

The fact remain the governor is not delaying the implementation of the committee report but the factors mentioned above have to be considered. There are some people who refused to have audience with the committee to answer some questions, among them is the former governor the predecessor to the present governor. I believe his refusal may perhaps make the report inconclusive.

On the other side of the story the opposition are hoping to see the implementation of MD ABUBAKAR  report by the governor and use the affected people to achieve their political objectives. They haul to criticize Government on the delay. But the true citizens who have well wishes are making their clamour in positive regard.

It is to our conviction that,the governor of our state is so serious enough to respond to the report submitted to him since last year. But the issue of politicking over the delay from the opposition side carried a weight which has to be clarified. And every Bazamfara who wish the still well have the interest in that report at least to serve as an example for future reference.

Moreover,it will be good for the governor to again liaise with the Federal government on how to punished those accused over the matter. Perhaps those accused should be forwarded before the court of law for fair hearing.   

Our state opposition used this issue at their helm of affairs. But they have forgotten that,during the era of their leader a court in the state sentenced death penalty to one accused with regard of insulting holy Quran in toilet. Until he left office he didn't singed the death penalty to the culprit.

The former Emir of Maru was dethroned by the governor for the protest and appeal made by the people of his Emirate. This happened not by the committee recommendation

The Major considerable issue with regard to the committee report depend upon the constitutional authority of how to implement the recommendations. As a Governor of the state his authority is within the state. Other indicted in the report,Military,Police and those recommended for court Marshal are beyond his authority. Since the offences are committed in the state they should all together face the punishment in the same capacity. 

The greatest need of our state today is to have a peaceful coexistence. Our state cannot progressive without peace. The responsibility of ensuring this did not only rely on government alone but a collective responsibility. Our prayers now and Always is for Allah to bring lasting to our state and Nigeria at large.

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