By Zailani Bappa.


(please follow my short jargons below....) 

"Cowards die many times before their deaths, the valiant never taste of death but once"... says the legendary Julius Caesar. Although Caesar died in the hands of traitors of his time, his spirit lived long enough to destroy them before it finally rested. It made sure that none of them lived to enjoy the fruits of their betrayal. The import of this is that a God-chosen leader will live to lead; and in the event of betrayal, God uses His hands to punish the perpetrators and immortalise the name of the chosen one.

In the same analogy, the political developments in Zamfara State has generated a fertile scenario of acute bitterness against the Will of God from those who fail to realise that at every turn of a political era, a new Champion arises who is propped up and supported by the Mighty Hands of nature to accomplish his destined mission to the people. Dr Bello Mohammed is a child of providence. He has, by nature and by training, been the icon and epitome of resilience, service, doggedness and brutal pursuit for quality. In all of these, he has never been desperate. He has always placed his fate in the Hands of God. That is why he is paid handsomely in the event of every failure.

For instance, when he lost the bid for his own Local Government Chairmanship, he was rewarded with a Commissioner for all the Local Government Areas in the state. When he was thought to have lost out again, God made him a Law Maker. Today, they thought he lost out of his biggest ambition within the state once again, God gave him the desire of his politics in the state on platter of Gold. The ways of God Almighty is different from the ways of mortals.

Just like the men in the Roman Capitol of the time of Julius Caesar, plot of destruction is formed and nurtured by, in this case, the men from the outside not those from within, against him. No doubt, the weapons of destruction we see are lethal. Like thunder, they strike from time to time. And like magnetic retribution of a resistant supernatural power, it returns back to the sender at all times. It happened once, twice, many times.... but like the stubborn fly who follows the corpse into the grave and got buried, they are still persistent.

Unlike Julius Caesar, this valiant will taste of death once but not in the hands of his traitors . He will live long enough to see his road map translated to reality for the benefit if his people. In a parallel vein, his traitors will never have the temporary reprieve of the men of Roman Capitol of Julius Caesar's time. They will end up with the fate of the greedy fly who follows the corpse and got buried along with it in the grave.

Bappa writes from Gusau.

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