Gold, Blood and Tears! The maladministration between 2011-2019 that turned Zamfara state to a war zone

The period between 2011-2019, will perhaps go down in history as one of the worst period in the hitherto quiet, peaceful northern state we know as Zamfara.

The state was one of those peaceful haven where Nigerians retire to at weekends to savour the air and enjoy good health even so in its capital, Gusau.

But on came the discovery of the natural resources of the state, an initiative of the government of the PDP which was in place much earlier.

But then came the APC and the maladministration that followed knew no bounds. Chaos became the order of the day, as the initiative to increase the wealth of the state viz a viz that of the country through the search for natural resources, became an all comers affair. 

The period went ahead to reveal the character of those that were in government house in the state, and their various nefarious activities that followed.

Like they say, money is the root of all evil. No sooner than the APC was in charge of Government House in Zamfara state, they sponsored all sorts of miners and foreigners to prevent accountabilty in the mining of the resources of the state.

Banditary became the order of the day as they sponsored their own powerful friends to come and mine in the state and looted the treasures. Gun running reigned and like known terrorists, they ruled with might and terror, maiming, terrorising natives and getting away with it.

You dare not crossed them or stand up to them. Those who did unfortunately met their early death. It was that bad as kidnapping and all sorts of vices came with these terrorists.

Zamfara state became a war zone! The lust for ill gotten money, snowballed into further lust for more ill-gotten money as one crime led to so many other crimes.

A pure case of gold, blood and tears!

It is still fresh in our memories that it was during the mal-administration of former Governor Abdulazeez Yari, that more than 500,000 livestock were rustled, 6319 people were killed, 3672 persons were kidnapped and over N2.8billion was paid as ransom.

A pathetic achievement for a government that met on ground, a peaceful state, a happy people and a flourishing, aspiring Nigerian state with high hopes to increase the nation's GDP.

Yari fed his friends and cronies with ill gotten wealth and they fed fat and grew into big balloons with pot bellies that boasts of storey buildings! 

They laughed with crudity and ruled with impudence making over 6000 women widows and 25,000 children orphaned. 

Those days were not good days. It was the days of evil. The days of terror when the strong stayed away from the ravished gold fields of Zamfara state, as the power base, the government house perpetuated its hold on the mining field.

He who was in charge of the bandits, was also in charge of the herdsmen and boko haram. And when there was a clash between these three terrorist groups, the Zamfara people suffered because their houses were over run, men killed, children maimed and more women made widows.

May all parts if Nigeria that are presently dominated by Yari's kind of government be delivered and replaced by a government like that of the incumbent government of Zamfara state led by Governor Bello Matawale.

No sooner than Governor Matawale came into power, he identified the excesses of erstwhile Yari's government and set about correcting all the nonsense that it was associated with.

Of course, Yari's fair weather friends fled the state in their brigandage style. The people too had had enough of them. 

Matawale set about to reorganise the entire state for accountability and order. The bandits were told to drop their arms or leave the state. Killings and kidnapping were checkmated and above all, the mining resources of Zamfara state was handed over to the federal government as for the very first time, the Governor of the state made an official presentation to the President, the mining report of the resources of the state. And from that day, the resources of the state stopped going into private pockets.

But the thieves have refused to sleep! Their ill gotten wealth is drying up and they are fuming, eager to come back to kill and steal more wealth that belongs to the Zamfara people and to all of us.

They are busy trying in different ways to distract the incumbent government by sponsoring lies and deceit in newspapers and other public forum.

But let it be known that, the people of Zamfara state have said and sworn, that never again shall the thieves be allowed to come back.

Never again will APC return to loot the resources of Zamfara state. Never again will the reign of bloodshed return to Zamfara state. Never again and never again!

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