The attention of Zamfara State Government is drawn to yet, another round of mischief albeit an act of a drowning man or the fishes whose waters are drying up. 

For the past few days, an old audio, claiming to be the voice of former Inspector General of Police, Alhaji MD Abubakar, holding a meeting with His Excellency, Governor Bello Mohammed and members of the Committee on finding lasting solutions to banditry in the state, is once again being re-circulated in the social media. 

This poorly and unprofessionally fabricated audio was circulated a few months ago in the social media. It generated interest to social media users, including the conventional media warranting the former IG to distance himself from the audio in question and denied ever holding such a meeting with anyone. He also said he has responsible and acceptable ways of relating with constituted authority not the social media. 

Furthermore, the audio indicated three persons as part of the meeting who are not members of the committee in question while one of the persons who is a member of the committee also denied ever attending such a meeting and even threatened legal action. 

However, as this matter rested, once again, the perpetrators of evil against the people of Zamfara state and its Government have once again resurrected this condemnable audio and are circulating it once again in the social media. Understandably, those who were not in the picture of what happened before are now taking interest in its presence on the net. 

While the state Government once again condemn the intent and purpose of these merchants of discord, it is calling on the relevant security operatives to fish out the originators of this lie which is capable of compromising the fragile peace in the state and bring them to book. 

The former IG, MD Abubakar is equally advised to take legal action against the perpetrators of this mischief (though dead on arrival) against him as its being repeatedly used is capable of discrediting and dwarfing his person and reputation as well. 

Zailani Bappa

Special Adviser 

Public Enlightenment, Media and Communications. 


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