The Deputy Chief of Staff to Zamfara state government Dr. Bashir. M. Maru, has disputed a memo presently being circulated to the general public.

He said, “my attention has been drawn to a memo purportedly issued by the Office of the Chief of Staff to the Executive Governor of Zamfara State signed by me detailing plans to rig the forthcoming State House of Assembly bye elect for Bakura State Constituency in favour of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP

“For the records, it should be made clear that no semblance of such memo or communication in any form related to the content of the said memo emanated from the Office of the Chief of Staff to the Executive Governor of Zamfara State or that of the Deputy Chief of Staff. The intention of the publishers have therefore been made baldly clear to wit a desperate attempt to blackmail the Zamfara State Government, whip the Peoples Democratic Party into submission and gain the sympathy of President Muhammadu Buhari to tilt Federal might in favour of the All Progressives Congress’s Candidate.”

Maru also went ahead to state that,
“it is imperative to make it clear that the spurious memo filled with lexical errors is totally incongruent with any correspondence that has emanated from our government. The discerning public is invited to note the following anomalies which lend incontrovertible credence to the fact that the said Memo was fabricated by detractors of the Zamfara State Government:

i. The letterhead on which the said leaked Memo was issued is fake. It should be noted that the original letterhead bears the following inscription “ZAMFARA STATE OF NIGERIA Office of the Chief of Staff to the Executive Governor”.

ii. The signature appended on the said memo is fake and not a semblance of the signature of the Deputy Chief of Staff.

iii. The title and name of the Deputy Chief of Staff appears on every memo as “Dr. Bashir M. Maru” and not “Dr. Bashir Maru”.

iv. The name of the Governor does not appear on official Memos and for external correspondence, the Governor is addressed as “Hon. (Dr.) Bello Mohammed, MON (Matawallen Maradun)” the title “Barden Kasar Hausa” does not appear at all.

With the above observations, Maru declared: “suffice it to say that the incoherence of the fake Memo which is filled with grammatical errors has exposed the desperation of the authors and purveyors of this banal script.

“We are aware of the antics and intent of those propagating this falsehood. We are aware that the fake memo has been submitted to the APC National Caretaker Chairman – His Excellency, Governor Mai Mala Buni – to prove their hard work and investigative prowess. However, we remain certain he will not be blinded by Party sentiment and will see through their veil of cheap lies against us. We are aware that this same memo is being dangled before Chief Bola Ahmed Tinubu in desperation to raise money from him with a promise to deliver Zamfara State come 2023. We are also aware that the memo is being used as a plinth for mounting pressure on the President to militarize the forthcoming bye election so they can easily have thier way to rig the elections; we trust however that Mr. President will remain above board and abide by the enduring principles of democracy. We are also aware that the purported memo is meant to pitch the Independent National Electoral Commission against the State Government.

“The authors of the fake memo have by this act inadvertently expressed their inability to withstand the grassroots strength of the political leaders they mentioned in their memo . Their warped logic is to ensure these Party men are victimized and hindered from all forms of legitimate involvement in the forthcoming bye election. The proponents of the memo have clearly lost touch with the masses and are bent on bullying their way through against fair and legal means of the game at all costs.

“They are currently moving with frenetic desperation from one house to another distributing “Atampa” to almost every household. However, the people have not forgotten that they are the same band who subjected them freely to the oppression of bandits not too long ago before the current administration came on board.

Maru advised the general public to discountenance the banal memo, as the government has called on the Security Agencies to immediately swing into action to uncover, apprehend and prosecute the culprits behind this dastardly deed.

“They should be further investigated for possible links to the bandits sending letters to towns and villages as the content of the memo is akin to those that come from the bandits. We know this memo is only a part of a web of sinister actions geared at rigging the election. The other plans which include importing thugs from neighboring States to wreck havoc and intimidate the electorate will also fail as our people are now wiser than before.” He added.

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