Ondo Elections: Beware of ex Gov Yari, Group tells Ondo people

The antecedents of ex-Governor Yari of Zamfra state has become his undoing in Ondo state where political parties are preparing for the state’s gubernatorial election this weakened. Yari’s old penchant for calling up violence in political arenas has thus made Comrade Bello M. Magaji a prominent Arewa Youth leader,  to call on the Ondo people to be wary of him so that he does not ferment trouble in that state this weekend.

Comrade Bello M. Magaji stated that, “it could be recalled that former Governor of Zamfara state Gov Abdul Aziz yari repeatedly stated that their party will not ever allow free fair and credible election in Zamfara state when he was Governor. He anchored his confidence on what he and his supporters called ‘federal might.’

Magaji noted that, Yari on one of such times, made it clear that their formidable party will intimidate all other opposition parties like PDP, APGA, NRM, and other major party’s candidates during the election to have their way: Atrocities  and harm against human being, land properties destroyed by the armed bandits during his tenure, was a constant feature during his 8 years administration which many judged as was a bad period in the state,” said Comrade Bello M. Magaji

He therefore called on the Ondo people to be wary of him at this period.

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