His Excellency Dr. Bello Matawalle (MON), Executive Governor of Zamfara State: Challenges of good Governance.

The Transition of power of the administration of the incumbent Governor of Zamfara State is witnessing what we may call the challenges of good governance in Transforming Zamfara State into a modern and competitive State in the whole of Northern Nigeria, Access weekly magazine review these challenges; and the progress the Government has made.

Today Zamfara State has become a very important state in Nigeria; a fact that should require no argument, the most notable is the discovery of solid mineral of gold in the State. Today Zamfara State is rated as the most interesting, vision driven state in Nigeria and the economic hub of all Northern Nigeria. Zamfara State is not among the microcosm of Nigeria since it hasn't ,The ethnic heterogeneity of its population, usually dominated by the Hausas. As the governor of the state,Dr. Bello Mohammed most pressing challenges  characterise on the northern  insecurity, herdsmen, opposition and bandits.

Dr. Bello Matawalle (MON), one years as governor has given him the opportunity to either follow the footsteps of his predecessors, or reinvent his own policies and programmes; without regards to the problems he inherited, the people of the state in their sense of reasoning  want to beg of the opposition to give him a benefit of doubt in Governance to giving them a ‘human face.’

The review is in the economic development contract he signed with the good people of Zamfara State on the day he took oath of office, he had promised to be fair, just and open in administering the state.

He pledge that he shall devote himself to bringing even greater prosperity, growth and development to every inch of this state; and promise to build a new legacy  that will sustain a progressive administration.

The media has  consistently tried to put most of the governor's achievement in proper perspective. It will be note worth to render the account of the ‘robust achievements’ of the Governor's administration and  labeled the State Budget under his administration as a miracle of Allah's mercies towards him. On the impact of the budget on security, the Governor clearly stated that it is his most pressing responsibility.

The signed contract on the three-star Hotel under the PPP initiative is an indication that the Government of Zamfara State is in good hands. He has also been Gazzetted thereby making it a remarkable landmark achievement for the Governor and the people of Zamfara State.

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