Gov Matawalle commended for dislodging bandits and declaring mining resources fed govt property


The Special Adviser to the Zamfara state Governor, Bello Matawalle on Public Enlightenment, Media and Communication, Alhaji Zailani Bappa has declared that Nigerian Youth groups are right to question the rationale behind the relationship between CBN and Zamfara State.

“It is normal and expected that the youths who are leaders of tomorrow should be concerned about ownership of these wealth and also raise questions as to how such wealth is being managed. And that also goes for the gold that has been found in Zamfara state.” He said.

Bappa who took time to clarify the misunderstanding of the ownership of the gold found in Zamfara stated that, the ownership of each of Nigeria’s resources collectively belongs to all Nigerians and ownership is shared as stated in the constitution. Just as mining is on the executive list which means gold in Zamfara state is owned by the Federal government.

“Unfortunately however, the vultures that have been benefiting through the illegal mining of these gold in the past 20 years, sent a wrong information about the ownership of the gold across the country, that Zamfara gold belongs to the state government which is false, in order to cause trouble and continue stealing the gold and continue their illegal mining of this gold.

We thank God that Dr. Bello Matawalle (MON), the executive Governor of the state has now made us all to be aware of the deposit in Zamfara state after dislodging the bandits that illegal miners have used to perpetuate their illegal business over the years.

Governor Bello Matawalle needs to be commended for his boldness and courage to declare that Zamfara State should also be listed among mineral producing States, which is first step in the right direction in securing the country’s wealth.

Aside from Zamfara State, no other State in the North has declared it's mineral resources even though we know that there are precious stones and diamond in many northern States, yet we hardly hear of it.

“We all should commend the Governor of Zamfara State for speaking out and declaring her economic growth to the general public.

“His Excellency Dr. Bello Matawalle MON should be celebrated as an oriented, focused driven Governor, an administrator of great excellence, mentor and teacher.”

Bappa went on to say that,”apart from this, the Governor has within the last three years also introduced sustainable developmental projects in the state, he has supported education more than any other states in the north, and security situation in the state cannot be compared with any other state, just as his records of good Governance is laudable.

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